From time to time, generational changes occurs. When this happens, it bring about a change in the way our society is functions and are organised. Like the invention of the wheel, the steam engine, the computer, and more recently, the internet. Each of these technologies marked an era as they brought with them far-reaching socio-economic impact the world over. Bitcoin and blockchain technology is set to mark an era of complete economic freedom for the masses of the world.

Each era usually comes with a change in the skill sets required for economic survival. Those who refuse to move with the trend are always the ones that suffer under the grins of those changes as old jobs are lost and new ones that requires new skill sets are created. People who are not adequately prepared wake up one day to find out that their once revered skill set has become obsolete. That is exactly the case with crypto, and if you are not yet involved with crypto then you are already missing out on huge opportunities and these are the reasons why i think so:

1. Huge profit potential: Bitcoin  and cryptocurrency market is relatively young with very huge growth potentials. Crypto is also marked by extreme volatility which makes crypto trading extremely rewarding.  Volatility increases the potential to grow your portfolio faster than you can imagine. With the right skill and appropriate tools and resources, it’s very common to see crypto traders who earn between 10-20% of their capital daily. Imagine if you earn even 1% daily and you compound it consistently for 6 months. Am sure you will have no reason to continue your present job. You see why the big guys are angry with bitcoin because they don’t want you to leave your job and enjoy economic freedom.

2. Low trading fees: Unlike traditional markets such as the stock, forex, and equity markets, crypto trading fees are minimal . There are even cryptocurrency trading platforms that offer zero fee trading model allowing for new strategies unavailable in other markets.

3. No barriers to entry: Unlike traditional markets like stock and equity that requires fat bank account before you can access the market, the barriers to entering this market are nearly non-existent. Some cryptocurrency trading platforms provide access to their trading platform without the rigors of submitting identification. Moreso, with as low as 20$, you can register and start trading bitcoin for altcoin. This makes it extremely easy for regular Joe downtown, who may not have the kind of fat account usually required to access investments in traditional markets to easily participate in this global market currently valued at over 500B USD.

4. No central control: There is no one central authority that sets the price of bitcoin. It’s the market forces of supply and demand that work to determine the price of bitcoin at any point in time. This does often result in different prices across multiple trading platforms; which opens up the opportunity for arbitrage trading ( buying low from one exchange and selling high at another exchange). Bitcoin and other crypto assets can be sent very easily across several trading platforms to take advantage of these discrepancies in market price.

5. Young market: Unlike most traditional markets, bitcoin isn’t dominated by high-frequency supercomputers. Also, the supply of bitcoin cannot be arbitrarily changed to manipulate the price. With the right information coupled with adequate risk and money management practice, you have a shot at making huge profits in the market. No matter what anyone else has told you, it’s just not possible to build real wealth by exchanging your time for a paycheck. You don’t have enough hours in the day to get rich. Wealth is usually created by investing. Put that hard-earned money to work and let them multiply!

6. The market is global: The cryptocurrency market is global and not restricted to any particular geography. With a laptop or even a handheld device, you can easily participate actively in a global market worth more than 500B USD from the comfort of your home or even from the remotest part of the world so long your device is connected to the internet. So if you are like me who always had a dream of playing the money game on a global market, bitcoin and cryptocurrency have provided that perfect opportunity for me while making me financially free so you can too.


Disclaimer: The contents of this article are the author’s opinion only. All examples, ideas, methods, stories, and images are for illustrative purposes only. Before trying any method or any idea, please make sure you check all the terms of service and make sure you are in compliance. Whilst the information provided comes from my personal case study of following the same information, I assume no responsibility for anything from anyone who decides to follow this. 

This article does not guarantee earnings potential in any way shape or form. The sole purpose of this article is for educational and informational purpose only and not a financial advice.


Israel Martins is a cryptocurrency researcher and trader since 2016, passionate about blockchain and other emerging technologies.

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Israel Martins

Israel Martins is a cryptocurrency researcher and trader since 2016, passionate about blockchain and other emerging technologies.

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