Part 1: General Introduction
Following the meteoric rise in the value of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it has been argued that bitcoin is the “biggest trade of the century”. Others have posited that it is the “gold rush of the digital age”. But the bottom line is that bitcoin as a payment system as well as the revolutionary technology behind it known as the “blockchain” has simply grown in a way that has never been imagined before in traditional markets, leaving many to scamper to jump in, earn and acquire more bitcoins as the world witness a global wealth redistribution that will destroy the monopoly on global financial system.

One of the best ways to earn more bitcoin after your initial entry into the cryptospace is through trading. In this guide, I will hand over to you firsthand knowledge about bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading; what you do with it afterward is totally your own decision but am almost certain that when you take positive action, bitcoin trading could turn out to be the game changer for you. In a market as volatile as a cryptocurrency, trading can change your financial life positively.

Can I make quick money trading crypto?
Cryptocurrency trading is not a get RICH QUICK scheme. So if you are looking to make a million dollar overnight without a corresponding input, then this guide is not for you.This guide addresses specific needs and concerns of beginners in crypto trading of all backgrounds, including seasoned cryptocurrency traders, entrepreneurs, fresh graduates, work-at-home moms, and anyone else wanting to learn how to make money crypto trading. What you are about to read is a complete proven system that has worked for me and I am confident that it will work for you as well, provided you take positive action. I will go through all the steps from choosing the right trading platform, common trading terms, choosing the right trading platforms, opening a trading account, understanding the trading interface, trading strategy, chart analysis, as well as risk and money management.

Maximizing your wealth potential in bitcoin
There is the general belief within the crypto community that buying and holding bitcoin for a long term can yield a significant return on your investment given the economic characteristics of cryptocurrency and its potentials for growth as a disruptive technology. The profit potential is even much higher when you learn how to participate actively in your crypto investment.

Instead of simply buying bitcoin or other altcoin and waiting for the right time when the price will spike, you can rather take advantage of extreme market volatility (sudden change in the value of cryptocoin) which is very common cryptocurrency market and make unimaginable returns even as market swings.

If you take an active role in crypto, the possibility of growing your crypto investment quickly is much higher than just wait, hoping you bought your favorite cryptocoin at the right time before the next explosion in price.

So how much can I earn trading crypto?
Well, how much you earn depends on variables such as your startup capital, the amount of time you are ready to invest (day trading requires significant time resources especially if you are a beginner), your trading proficiency, your risk and money management strategy. With the right resources and the needed information, you can easily grow your bitcoin by 100% in say 30 days trading market price movement. The best part is; it actually doesn’t matter what the long-term value of bitcoin will be as you can make profits during an uptrend as well as during a downtrend. Our goal here is to guide you through this learning curve so as to equip you properly for the green days ahead. We simply want to hold your hand and make you a crypto millionaire so jump in immediately. This way, we might just be creating the next bitcoin success story in you.

Disclaimer: The contents of this guide are the author’s opinion only. All examples, ideas, methods, stories, and images are for illustrative purposes only. Before trying any method or any idea, please make sure you check all the terms of service and make sure you are in compliance. Whilst the information provided comes from my personal case study of following the same information, I assume no responsibility for anything from anyone who decides to follow this.
This guide does not guarantee earnings potential in any way shape or form. The sole purpose of this guide is for an educational and informational purpose only and not a financial advice.

Israel Martins is a cryptocurrency researcher and trader since 2016, passionate about blockchain and other emerging technologies.

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Israel Martins

Israel Martins is a cryptocurrency researcher and trader since 2016, passionate about blockchain and other emerging technologies.

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