Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency is currently the wild west of investing. It is a new frontier and many experts are positing that it is just the beginning. As the concept has filtered into the mainstream media, one can get a feeling that it is already too late to get involved with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general. But nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, it’s actually a fallacy of the mind to think that you have missed out on this “gold rush of the digital age” . We look back in time and think “sure that happened” but when we look forward the uncertainty makes us insecure and hesitant.

While it is true that people who invested in Bitcoin earlier before now could have made a fortune doing so, there’s no way you could have known that Bitcoin would achieve so many milestones and gathered the kind of public it currently has. Frankly speaking, few ever thought Bitcoin will come this far. At present, there is greater certainty on the possibilities of this technology succeeding in the future.

Moreso, Bitcoin may just be your window to alternative cryptocurrencies popularly known as altcoins which can yield even greater returns on investment if you properly choose and invest in the right ones. The good news is, institutional money is beginning to moving into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and so you can move too. Remember that there are only 21million Bitcoins that can ever be created and this is one of the reasons why Bitcoin’s value is expected to go higher in the coming years as it gradually moves into mass adoption phase.

How can I get started?
Getting involved in bitcoin has become easier as many resources like you are reading now have been developed by bitcoin evangelists to help beginners understand and take full advantage of this emerging and highly promising technology. You have already started on the right path by first trying to understand what this new form of money is all about.

The next step for you now will be for you to create a Bitcoin wallet which is an equivalent of a bank account and so the wallet will enable you to receive and store your cryptocoins securely. From your Bitcoin wallet, you can send or spend your money as you like without any censorship from anyone.


Disclaimer: The contents of this article are the author’s opinion only. All examples, ideas, methods, stories, and images are for illustrative purposes only. Before trying any method or any idea, please make sure you check all the terms of service and make sure you are in compliance. Whilst the information provided comes from my personal case study of following the same information, I assume no responsibility for anything from anyone who decides to follow this. 

This article does not guarantee earnings potential in any way shape or form. The sole purpose of this article is for educational and informational purpose only and not a financial advice.

Israel Martins is a cryptocurrency researcher and trader since 2016, passionate about blockchain and other emerging technologies.

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Israel Martins

Israel Martins is a cryptocurrency researcher and trader since 2016, passionate about blockchain and other emerging technologies.

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