Bitcoin’s history has had a very interesting twist especially the opportunity it offered for a global wealth redistribution. This has created great enthusiasm among the investing public. Many people now want to own at least some Bitcoin. Here are the four basic ways to acquire bitcoin.
1. Buy it from peers or from exchanges
2. Offer product or service and receive bitcoin as a means of payment
3. Invest in cryptocurrency to earn bitcoin
4. Bitcoin mining
Bitcoins can be bought from Bitcoin exchange or from peers.
A Bitcoin exchange is a company that gives Bitcoin in exchange for other fiat or cryptocurrencies. There are many ways you can buy Bitcoin can buy Bitcoin with your credit card or bank deposit. The process is very simple.
visit Luno and sign up for a Bitcoin wallet.
Verify your account by and deposit money into your Luno account using your debit card. Then you are good to go.
Another way to buy bitcoin is to buy from someone you trust. If you must use this method make sure to meet the person one on one or let it be someone you know and trust. Nothing should ever make you trust an online stranger, remember that there are many scammers out they looking for newbies like you to rip off.

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